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Keep the fire triangle in mind this fire season

Keep the fire triangle in mind this fire season

The fire season started early and is already keeping firefighters busy.

The lack of rain during the 2013-2014 rainy season combined with the two previous dry years, added up to critical fire conditions.

Most fires require three elements to ignite: fuel, oxygen and heat. This is illustrated as a fire triangle. Removing one of the elements will extinguish or prevent fires. The triangle is a helpful tool when surveying our own fire risk.

When we look at our current year, there is plenty of dry brush for fuel due to the drought. Winds can help to further dry vegetation making it prime for catching fire and quickly spreading. Clearing dry brush can help to minimize this spreading.

Oxygen is present naturally in our atmosphere.

Finally, heat is especially common during the late spring and through the summer.

Lincoln Restaurant and Grill Breaks Away From Franchise to Become an Individual

Lincoln Restaurant and Grill Breaks Away From Franchise to Become an Individual

Annalisa Siino, announces her own Siino’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill to open on May 27 at 815 Twelve Bridge Drive in Lincoln CA. The location, currently Original Pete’s, is set to make the switch to her unique Siino’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill concept as a new and improved dining experience with the young franchisee officially becoming an individual proprietor.

Three years ago, at  21 Siino opened the doors of an Original Pete’s and in less then three weeks this spot will be the beginning of a uniquely improved Italian restaurant, with all the familiar faces and superior customer service. Continuing to provide high quality food and delivery service, this new branding is not meant to erase the old, but rather enhance the individuality of Siino as the owner to tell her story.

How Fleming hid from law enforcement for 16 days

How Fleming hid from law enforcement for 16 days

ELK GROVE - When investigators revealed Friday that murder suspect Orville "Moe" Fleming had essentially been hiding under a bush for two weeks -- close to where law enforcement began its manhunt -- it was hard for many to believe.

However, a tour of the dense vegetation in the field next to an Elk Grove neighborhood, near Apricot Woods Way and Black Kite Drive, showed plenty of potential hiding places for 55-year-old Fleming.

The grassy, weeded fields used to be 14-year-old Logan Black's playground, but after Elk Grove police found Fleming's Cal Fire truck abandoned nearby on May 1, Logan's parents kept the boy clear of the area.

"We stayed away for a little. I was kind of scared to go down here," Logan said.

Sheriff: Fleming 'admitted culpability' in stabbing of girlfriend after arrest

Sheriff: Fleming 'admitted culpability' in stabbing of girlfriend after arrest

A former Cal Fire battalion chief who eluded capture for more than two weeks was arrested Friday for the murder of his girlfriend.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said at a news conference early Friday evening Orville "Moe" Fleming, "admitted culpability in the stabbing of Ms. (Sarah June) Douglas on May 1st." Fleming, 55, was interviewed by homicide detectives for a couple of hours about Douglas' death and where he had been hiding, Jones said.

Fleming was taken into custody earlier in the day only a few miles from where his Cal Fire pickup truck was found abandoned in an Elk Grove neighborhood, near Apricot Woods Way and Black Kite Drive, on May 1. Det. Brian Meux said Fleming had been living in heavy brush along a small canal near that location.

Rocklin man facing animal cruelty allegation

SACRAMENTO - The roommate of a Rocklin woman is accused of animal cruelty after allegedly killing one of her dogs.

Rocklin police Sgt. Scott Horrillo said officers were called to the 6000 block of Woodside Drive Wednesday morning to investigate a dead dog.

The owner of the dog told officers her roommate, 23-year-old Cody Lee McKie, was upset that her dogs were barking, according to the police report. She said McKie went to the home's backyard and came back a few minutes later.

The roommate said she went out back to check on her dogs and found one of them bleeding from the head and dead.

McKie was booked into custody for animal cruelty, Horrillo said.

Police did not say how the dog was injured.

Pleasant Grove man arrested in Marysville hate crime

A Pleasant Grove man was arrested Monday on hate crime charges.

Yuba County Undersheriff Jerry Read said 29-year-old Toby Brill went to a home on the 6000 block of Beede Avenue to confront a man he believed assaulted his girlfriend. The man was not at the home and Brill instead confronted two black men living at the property.

Brill, who was shirtless and displaying a swastika tattoo on his back, began yelling racial slurs, Read said.

"He start yelling racial stuff like 'white power ' and 'you guys need to go home, this is our neighborhood,'" neighbor Steve Papadopulos said.

Papadopulos said Brill was yelling at the interracial couple and another man that live in the home. They said Brill caused hundreds of dollars in damage by knocking out the rear window of their car.

Read said Brill also destroyed a neighbor's mailbox.

Black bear takes a stroll through Colusa

COLUSA, CA - An almost mature, male California black bear weighing at least 125 pounds wandered the streets of Colusa for hours before he was tranquilized by Fish and Game wardens.

Neighbors along Oak Street in Colusa reported wild barking by neighborhood dogs on Sunday night, but it wasn't until about 4 am that calls began coming in that a bear was walking east along Oak Street in central Colusa.

Eagle Hickey heard something in his neighbor's side yard and looked out his window at about 6am.

"And there it was. So I took a couple of pictures," Hickey said.

His daughter Jessica Luntz remembers what she was thinking a short time later.

"I was thinking if it would hurt me or not," Luntz said.