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Work Before Play Chore of the Day | Family

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Work Before Play Chore of the Day
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Work Before Play Chore of the Day

Momservation: Dishes left in the sink don’t end up needing therapy to function as an adult.

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Last week we went bowling for Fun Wednesday, made Cookie Brownie Surprises from our Pinterest Project Day (yum!!), and offered to take care of vacationing friends’ animals and plants for It’s Not All About You Day. This week we have miniature golf and packing tape postcards cued up among other fun activities.

BUT…as part of the deal for our take-no-prisoners summer the kids and I have an agreement.

In exchange for all this summer fun the kids need to first do some work before they play—getting responsibilities out of the way and earning sponsorship. No whining, no complaining, no hesitation in saying, “Sure, Mom, I’m happy to help.”

I call it Chore of the Day...

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Family, Moms